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Early season ski tips

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With the ski season underway in many parts of the U.S. and temperatures dropping, people are hitting the slopes. Here are a couple of tips to remember to make the most of your early season skiing and riding.

  • Warm-up runs. Take your time to warm up. Some muscles may not have been used since last season, even with an off-season fitness regiment and cross training sports. You will most likely be fatigued at the end of your day so quit while you are ahead and remember you have all season.
  • Make lots of turns. Going fast is one thing. Going fast while out of ski or board shape is another. Spend some time making lots of turns. This will also help you warm up your legs, especially if it is a cold day.
  • Stay to the sides of the trails. Early season there is not much terrain open. Stick towards the sides of the trails (it's where all the snow gets pushed anyway).
  • Stop in a visible spot. This is actually part of the Responsibility Code to not stand in a place or location where you are not visible from above. Many people tend to get tired on their first day out and "pull over". Just make sure if you need a break, you stop in a safe spot.
  • Keep your turns in the fall line. Making shorter turns that tend to go down the hill rather than across the hill will keep you from potentially getting hit by other skiers and riders. Remember, limited terrain equals more traffic and crowds so try not to go across the slope. Instead, go down it at a speed that you feel comfortable. The downhill skier/rider still has the right-of-way according to the Responsibility Code. However, when it is crowded, the trail can feel like every man, woman, boy, and girl for themselves.

Follow these simple tips to get the most out of your early season skiing and riding at your local resort or area.