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Early literacy clues in illustrations

child at an art museum
child at an art museum
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Young children begin to look at pictures before they begin to actually listen to a story. Illustrations that appear in books are useful in helping children decipher the events on a page before they actually learn to read the words. They can tell a story by looking at illustrations. Early childhood educators and parents will often ask a young child to tell them what is happening in a picture before they read the words. Children will also listen to a story and point out details in an illustration that relate to the words that they hear being read.

The Ringling Art Museum in Sarasota sponsors The Ringling Order of Art Readers, or ROAR, to encourage young children to connect art with short stories. ROAR is sponsoring an event on April 12 for children 4-7 to visit the museum and participate in activities that connect art with early literacy skills.

The Ringling Art Museum seeks to give back to the community in sponsoring this early literacy event for young children. The museum is located at 5401 Bayshore Road in Sarasota. Registration is required, and parents may call 941-359-5700 for registration. You may also log on at for registration.