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Early Christian Leaders Project

In order to contemplate with your home school family the topic of Christianity we need books and resources that explores the early years of Jesus. You can come to see Jesus through the Apostles. A great resource to use with your family is the former Pope Benedict's book. The book's sites states : " Beginning with the Twelve as the foundation of Jesus' re-establishment of the Holy People of God, Pope Benedict examines the story of the early followers of Christ. He draws on Scripture and early tradition to consider such important figures as Peter, Andrew, James and John, and even Judas Iscariot. Benedict moves beyond the original Twelve to discuss Paul of Tarsus. "

Benedict shows us Jesus and the Apostles. Another text to explore is the Virtues book by former Pope Benedict. We need to focus on these virtues highlighted in the Early Christian times. Virtues like Hope and Charity. These are essential things to explore as a project with your Christian home school teens. You can encourage them to read these books with their Bible. Benedict stresses in the book that leading a life of Virtue leads us to God. In the book Virtues Benedict stressed that God is love. Benedict also stressed that " God holds the world in his hands in spite of all darkness he ultimately triumphs in glory." Three key virtues are Faith, Hope and Charity.

So , he stressed in the book Virtues: " Jesus on the Cross gives rise to love...Love is the light---and in the end , the only light that can always illuminate a world grown dim."

So key things to teach our kids in this Early Christian Leaders Project is to find the Virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity. To see the importance and power of Love around us. We as home school parents our goal is to get our kids learning about the early movement of Christianity and its message. Let kids learn about Faith, Hope and Charity. So let the Holy Spirit guide you and your family as you embark on this journey to find and learn. You can create a journal as a result of this project. You can seek out more resources on Christianity at the Wilkes Public Library.

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