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Early Childhood Education 101: Early childcare resources

Justus at play
Justus at play
Photo courtesy of The Reddings

As parents or young children in Georgia it can often be overwhelming when trying to find the best programs and resources to meet the needs of your child. This article will provide you with information about some of the resources available to you in Georgia.

Bright From the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning

This is an organization that is responsible for meeting the childcare and early education needs of Georgia’s children and their families. They oversee a wide range of programs focused primarily on children from birth to school age and their families.
Some of the programs are:

Georgia’s Pre-K Program

Licensing and monitoring all center-based and
home-based child care facilities

Administering federal quality dollars

Collaborating with Head Start, Family Connection
The Department of Human Resources Family and
Children Services
, the Division of Public Health and
Smart Start Georgia                                                                                          

Quality Care for Children

This is a resource for parents, child care providers and community leaders in Georgia seeking information, assistance and support in securing high quality early learning experiences for infants and young children.

Georgia Child Care Association

An organization whose purpose is to enhance and promote quality licensed, private child care for the children of Georgia by impacting legislation, providing resources, educating the public, and supporting its members through training programs and networking.

Healthy Child Care

A publication providing information and resources for a variety of health, safety and developmental issues facing young children through articles and online resources.


  • BJ 5 years ago

    Great information! I did not realize Bright From the Start did so much. I will definitely check out the Healthy Child Care link.

  • Lisa Washington 5 years ago

    Great article. Very informative and concise.

  • Kristin Sane 5 years ago

    Thanks for this! I'm checking all these out as we speak. :)

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