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Earls Best Day Ever. Shelter Pit BULL

earls best day ever
mia anelli

On insight animal rescues and u will find dogs looking for loving homes. You might also find a pit bull that has already been adopted. Why did I leave a pit bull who has already been adopted on the a adoptable list?..

Well, I guess you could say I took the negativity out of the "bait a switch" maneuver. I turned it into a bait and chance at something great. Wonder what the hell I'm talking about? No? Well keep reading anyway. It gets good , I swear.

There are thousands of amazing yet overlocked American Staffordshire Terriers, Pit Bulls, Etc... in the shelters of southern California. They are Waiting for love and the right adopter to find them. However, with so many people simply unaware of the amount of dogs in the shelters, especially the pit bull type breeds, they go unnoticed until they are forgotten.

So , when I get an email from someone interested in meeting the pit bull I kept posted as adoptable, even tho my rescue already found him a home.

I responded with...

Thank you for your interest in adopting from Insight. However, _____ has been adopted. However, I know so many similar type pups that would love the chance to be considered.

I then offer to personally help them meet , adopt , and fall in love with one of the pits at the shelter.


That's exactly what I did today. I received an email, a text and a Facebook message from Andrew. He was eager to save a life and happened to be interested in the pit, mick Jagger on my site and you guessed it , Mick Jagger is my pit bull adopter bait.

I emailed Andrew photos and videos of the pits at east valley... Then we scheduled to meet at the shelter today. Myself and fellow volunteer Andrew brown helped him look for a new best friend.

And did he find one?


Oh my god, I'm so kidding...

that would be a horrible ending to my long rambling story!!!

Good thing it actually went down like this...

Andrew did meet someone special at the east valley shelter today.

besides me.

He met Earl.

A beautiful, well behaved, but dangerously over looked and passed over pit bull at the shelter. Earl had been there for over a month. Maybe, he was just waiting for the right person to walk through the shelter doors, see him, realize they couldn't live without him, and would bring him home to love forever and ever.. He wasn't being picky .. He was just waiting for Andrew.

I'm happy to help and volunteer my time. Andrews happy he has rescued his new family member . As for earl, I'm sure he is happy I baited a chance for him to have the only thing a shelter dog wants, a loving home. ohhhh and side note... Earls new name is still up in the air, but ironically he might just be called Mick Jagger after all.

I wish you both luck and love..

And since a good story is always better with pictures... Check out the photos of earls lucky day.. Today.

I was a east valley animal shelter volunteer before before I founder insight . so I have always made it a point to work just as hard to adopt out animals directly from the shelter as I do to place the animals in my rescue into loving forever homes.. My rescue is small. Its basically me running then show. I can't take them all in, but I will my best to help get them out.

It you would like to donate towards Insight Animal Rescue we would be more then happy to accept. Paypal email

I'm only human.. I misspell and my grammar anit perfect. Sorry in advance