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ear X-tacy update: John Timmons' announcement

The front of ear X-tacy (before the recent paint job)
The front of ear X-tacy (before the recent paint job)
Taken by me.

As most in Louisville know by now, independent music store ear X-tacy, a pillar of the music community, may be closing. For more information, see my other article on the subject. The Louisville music lovers community have been rallying around the store - even mainstream news stations have been reporting about the store’s possible closing or relocating - and on the 11th, founder and owner of the store, John Timmons, held a press conference and released this statement on their website, and on the XNL newsletter:

‘ . . . . You may have already heard that ear X-tacy is closing, or moving, or whatever. Please know that we are continuing to do all we can to keep the doors open for as long as you want this store around. As you know, the world of music and the music business are in a constant state of change. The economy is very bad, and that is what has truly hurt our store. I say "our store" because YOU are the ones who have built this. You are the ones who have supported us over the last 24+ years, and I can't thank you all enough.’

(To read the entire statement by John Timmons, see the official ear X-tacy website)

ear X-tacy is a member of Keep Louisville Weird (also founded by John Timmons), and the Louisville Independent Business Alliance. It is a vital part of the community, and in my opinion, one of the best parts of Louisville.

If ever there was a time to buy from and support ear X-tacy, as Mr. Timmons states in his announcement, it is now. And, there are many opportunities and upcoming sales to perk your interest - Vinyl Lovers Week starts on the 14th of February, and continues on through the 20th, and is certainly a great opportunity to buy some great vinyl, and to support our store.

Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore will be having a live, in-store performance on the 16th, and this is also an excellent opportunity to stop by and show your support. I know I will certainly be there, most likely rifling through the used CDs.

I encourage Louisville music fans to stop by the official ear X-tacy home page, and perhaps also sign up for their newsletter - it is a time to show our support of the music store, and to acknowledge that Louisville wouldn’t be the same without it.


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