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ear X-tacy hangs in there; My Morning Jacket donates sales

My Morning Jacket are Louisville natives.
My Morning Jacket are Louisville natives.

On the 16th, ear X-tacy had an excellent in-store concert featuring Daniel Martin Moore and Ben Sollee; the turn out for the show was also excellent, and John Timmons made a lovely speech before the set. (We have a great record store!)

I talked to some of the store employees about the store’s recent troubles during the concert; Mark admitted his bias, but of course said that he didn’t want the Louisville staple to go anywhere. Jaxon (whilst stationed at the doors) stated that it’s important to remember that many of the local, independent businesses in the area are suffering, and that it’s important to support our local businesses as a community.

Fortunately, it seems that many local music fans have done just that, and it was heartwarming to see the massive turnout.

One of the best examples of the community truly getting behind our store is that Louisville natives (and now nationwide stars) My Morning Jacket has donated sales of their live album, ‘Celebracion De La Ciudad Natal’ to save ear X-tacy. To buy the album and help the store, buy the digital download at Think Indie. The album was recorded live in Louisville, and the band has really shown their true Louisville colors by donating these sales.

It’s incredible to see how well the community has rallied around ear X-tacy, but it’s important to keep at it, during Vinyl Lovers Week(going on now, with huge vinyl sales), and beyond. After all, what other store in Louisville can you pop into, witness a fantastic concert, pick up a CD, overhear an in-depth conversation about the White Album, and leave with a John & Yoko poster to boot?

Remember to join the ear X-tacy Facebook page, and the Save ear X-tacy group, too.

Buy Celebracion de la Ciudad Natal

Official ear X-tacy website


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