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Eagles to revert back to kelly green uniforms for Kelly?

Eagles in talks to wear kelly green jerseys again
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles have worn dark green jerseys for almost 20 years. Yet on August 6, the Eagles evoked memories of their old kelly green jerseys, as president Dom Smolenski said in a radio interview that the team wants to bring them back. Wearing kelly green while being coached by a man named Chip Kelly makes sense on paper, although Philadelphia has had more success since it debuted the midnight green.

Although the Eagles won their only NFL championship when wearing kelly green back in 1960, the next 36 years didn't go as smoothly. Since changing into a darker midnight green, however, Philadelphia has had its most sustained run of success since its old championship days. Of course, it likely had more to do with Andy Reid, Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook and Brian Dawkins than how they looked on the field.

Still, the Eagles only won four playoff games in kelly green since 1960 and made just one NFC title game and Super Bowl, while they made five NFC title games and one Super Bowl without it. Yet either way, they didn't win a Super Bowl and the quest to change that under Kelly is just beginning.

It would be ironic if Philadelphia goes back to an old retro look, since Kelly is all about a faster paced future. However, it could take until 2016 for the Eagles to get permission to revert their uniforms, according to Yahoo Sports. By then, Kelly would be in his fourth season in Philadelphia -- if he sticks around that long -- and there will be a clearer idea of whether his system can really go all the way.

When it comes to changing the uniforms, Smolenski told Angelo Cataldi that they have just "talked about it" with the NFL so far. They need league approval and will also have to pass muster with NFL and Nike marketing to go ahead with it.

Until then, the Eagles will still have to fly in midnight green for their first preseason game against the Chicago Bears on August 8, and for all the games in Kelly's second season. But if they manage to reach the Super Bowl this year or the next, it might be harder for the team and fans to part with the look that got them there.

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