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Eagles to replace new Jet Vick with old Jet Sanchez?

Eagles may replace new Jet Vick with old Jet Sanchez
Eagles may replace new Jet Vick with old Jet Sanchez
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets seem to share everything these days. The Jets already took former Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, and just took Michael Vick once Philadelphia got done with him -- and might want DeSean Jackson next. In kind, the Eagles may be poised to take the Jets' own former starting quarterback, as Mark Sanchez reportedly neared a deal on March 24.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen alleged that the Eagles are expected to sign Sanchez, pending a physical. Given that Sanchez is recovering from shoulder surgery, this is a pretty big condition of the deal. Should he pass, however, Philadelphia will have traded one former star turned underachieving, injury-prone backup for another.

Sanchez is at least younger than Vick and had two conference title game appearances to show for himself before the bottom fell out. When it did, he lost his job in New York to rookie Geno Smith, then became even more expendable when the Jets signed Vick. Now like Vick, he will have to start over with a new team and work to earn a starting job that was once a given for him.

It is questionable whether the Eagles and Jets will even need Sanchez or Vick, although things are precarious. Smith took New York to an 8-8 record despite wildly inconsistent play last season, while Foles caught fire to lead Philadelphia to a divisional title, but no one knows if it was a fluke yet.

As such, both clubs are using seemingly washed up veterans as backup plans -- in essence having traded Vick and Sanchez to each other. Considering how they each blew their big chances with Philadelphia and New York at the end, this isn't exactly the best these teams could have done. However, they seem to offer more security than the backups they already have.

The Eagles spent five years on Vick's reclamation, so rebuilding Sanchez's career should be nothing, if he gets the chance. If he does and Foles isn't as healthy or solid in the long term as Philadelphia hopes, then there would be a problem.

New York trusted Sanchez to take it to the Super Bowl and be the next Joe Namath, yet it failed on both counts. Can it possibly work better for him a little bit down the road?

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