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Eagles Song Health & Wellness and Thrive Vegan Café: Now open in Freeland

Tom and Janice
Tom and Janice
Carolyn Tamler

In January, the Tom and Janice Zellers moved their store and café from its original location in Coupeville, to Freeland across from the Payless shopping center at 1594 Main Street.

After 2-1/2 years in Coupeville, they visited Freeland after over 200 customers asked them to consider moving there. The official opening was on January 9, 2014. Tom says, “Our mission is to promote health and wellness.”

The journey to Whidbey Island began for the Zellers just a few years ago. Tom was a hospital President and Chief Operating Officer for more than 25 years, and had a long interest in health. He had been divorced for several years. In 2007 he was severely injured in an accident, and as he was recovering, he realized he wanted to have a partner in his life. He was in Seattle when he looked at the site and immediately responded to the photo and description of Janice. “I contacted her and told her I would come to Vancouver to meet her in person.” The first night they met, he told her he wanted to marry her…..and he did!

Tom notes that “Janice has had a huge impact on my health. When we met I was overweight, diabetic and wanted to regain my optimal health. She introduced me to her ‘Greens Hornet Tonic Alchemy.’ Over the next several months, I dropped 75 pounds, lowered my cholesterol 100 points, dropped 100 blood pressure points, reversed my diabetes, and got rid of migraine headaches and sleep apnea.”

Janice has a long history of being involved with health food and nutrition. She has spent her whole life learning about herbs and natural food products and her family opened five health food stores in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Janice and Tom quickly discovered they shared the same passion for helping people find ways to be healthier.

Thirty days after their first meeting, Tom and Janice were on Whidbey Island looking at property and found a one-acre site that matched their vision of a beautiful place to live.

They were married in October 2009 on the beach of their new 4,000 square foot home which has a spectacular view of Mount Baker, a private beach and a labyrinth. They live on the first floor of the house, and the two upper stories are used for women’s retreats.

In celebration of their new relationship, Tom’s revitalized health and their work experiences they decided to open a Natural Food Store and Cafe in Coupeville in 2011. They hope that they will build on the customer base they have developed over the years.

The Eagles Song Health & Wellness store features over 2,000 foods and nutritional products. It is also home to Thrive Vegan Café, the only vegan and gluten-free restaurant on Whidbey Island.

For more information about Eagles Song Health & Wellness, the Thrive Vegan Café or their retreat center, visit their website or give them a call at 360-320-0435.

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