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Eagles officially about to let Vick walk?

Eagles allegedly unwilling to keep Vick
Eagles allegedly unwilling to keep Vick
Photo by Jemal Countess

The Philadelphia Eagles have resigned many notable players in recent days. However, the Eagles still need the likes of Riley Cooper, Jason Peters and Jeremy Maclin, while Michael Vick's place in Philadelphia was lost once Nick Foles proved he was for real. It was considered a foregone conclusion that the Eagles would let Vick go, yet CBS Sports alleged on March 5 that it may finally be official soon.

CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora claimed on March 5 that "league and team sources" told him the Eagles wouldn't bring Vick back. He wrote that Philadelphia is "going in a different direction" in regards to its backup quarterback, although Matt Barkley is its best existing option left.

If Vick heads off as a free agent, he can have a real shot as a starter again elsewhere. There's no room for him to do that with the Eagles anymore, and there might not have been even if Foles didn't catch fire in Vick's place. But now that Foles has several wins and an NFC East title under his belt, the decision has apparently been made easier.

Vick would be in a better position to start over than he was when he first came to Philadelphia, after his prison sentence for dog fighting. He returned to the NFL as a backup in 2009, but became a star again a year later once Donovan McNabb was traded and Kevin Kolb got hurt. Yet aside from one glorious stretch in the 2010 season, Vick's five years with the Eagles have been littered with disappointment, turnovers and injuries.

That and the fact he will turn 35 in June may give teams pause -- albeit not as much as he gave other teams pause five years ago. But if a club like the Eagles took him in then, some bad team desperate for a starting or backup quarterback is bound to claim him now.

As for the Eagles, they also need to go on the quarterback hunt, assuming that Barkley isn't ready to be No. 2 yet -- and assuming Foles' assent as No. 1 last year could still have been a fluke.

Philadelphia is at least confident enough not to keep an experienced backup option like Vick, just in case. However, if Foles struggles or gets hurt next season, the Eagles will know whether releasing Vick was truly for the best.

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