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Eagles Of Death Metal (06-18-2010) - The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA and Interview


  • Hallie 6 years ago

    Nice review and interview! BEST CONCERT EVER! I wish there was somewhere I could find more pictures.

  • Brandon (The Writer) 6 years ago

    Look for me on facebook Brandon Siddall you can see all of my shots of the show.

  • Slimer 6 years ago

    Killa sho!

  • Bramble 6 years ago

    Prrr, sexy iinterview...

  • Rags Hemlock 6 years ago

    You got to interview Boots Electric!?! I'd give my only shoe to eat his table scraps!

  • Priscilla John 5 years ago

    Greeeeaaat no scratch that PHENOMENAL interview! :)
    I got to interview Boots Electrics myself the next day at the Mezzanine. You can check it out if you like
    w w w . r o m a n y o l i n e . c o m

    You did such an incredible job!!!!

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