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Eagles allegedly haven't given up on keeping Vick

Eagles, Peterson may both be interested in Vick
Eagles, Peterson may both be interested in Vick
Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles and Michael Vick may be long shots to stay together. CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora even wrote on March 5 that the Eagles were "not interested" in keeping Vick as a backup, according to his league sources. Yet the Associated Press quoted other sources on March 6 as saying that Philadelphia "hasn't ruled out" keeping Vick after all.

The AP claimed that two people "familiar with the situation" said Vick could choose to stay with the Eagles, if he doesn't find a better opportunity elsewhere. It is clear he will look for a team that will give him a chance to start again, although Philadelphia may not be one of those teams right now.

Nevertheless, the Eagles still need a backup plan in case Nick Foles is a one-year wonder. Given that Foles only got his big chance last year because of Vick's struggles and injuries, going back to Vick if Foles slips up may not have high odds of success. Nevertheless, it could be the best option the Eagles have, if only by default -- just like going back to Philadelphia could be Vick's best shot by default.

Once free agency starts on March 11, Vick will still likely have his share of suitors. If the Minnesota Vikings aren't already one of them, Adrian Peterson seems set on changing that himself. Peterson tweeted on March 5 that Vick would "make the Vikings a playoff team" although Matt Cassel is their starter for the moment.

Since the Vikings were a playoff team in 2012 when Peterson was MVP, and since Vick won't have to do it all with Peterson around, Minnesota might be a viable option. However, the New York Jets are also considered a frontrunner, if only because former Philadelphia offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg runs the Jets offense. Nevertheless, with Geno Smith already in place, Vick would have real competition.

Still, Vick may not be able to be picky, since real contenders aren't in need of another quarterback. The AP also lists teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders as potential interested parties -- neither of which came close to being playoff teams last season.

The only playoff team and aspiring contender that might have use for Vick is the Eagles. Even they are 50-50 on him at best, although the odds look better than they did a day earlier.

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