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Eagle watching events in Indiana: 2014, part 2

Eagle Watch Day at Duke Energy, indoor program of rescued birds of prey.
Eagle Watch Day at Duke Energy, indoor program of rescued birds of prey.
Rosemary Halsema

Jan. 24-26: Turkey Run/Raccoon Lake, Eagle Watch Weekend. One of the largest, and closest, eagle events in the Indiana DNR series (link). Lots to do. Pre-register, rooms available in Turkey Run Inn. You can also just drive to the event. A little over an hour to Turkey Run, about 1.5 hour drive to Raccoon Lake.

Jan. 24-26: Monroe Lake. Eagle Watch (link). Pre-register for 10$ per adult, 4$ per youth. 12$ and 5$ on the day. Four Winds Resort will have reduced rate rooms for participants. At a little over 2 hours drive from Lafayette you can make a one day event for your family. Nashville and Bloomington are within a few minutes and provide plenty of lodging. Park (link).

Jan. 25th: Duke Energy Eagle Watch at Cayuga, 9 a.m to 3 p.m. Duke Energy (link), Eagle Watch program has both inside and outside venues. Note that it is the same weekend as Turkey Run and Lake Monroe events. It is close enough to Turkey Run (45 to 60 minutes drive) to take in facets of both events. Cayuga Station is about 1.5 hour drive and it is an excellent event. Family friendly, no fee.

Feb 15-16: Salamonie Res. Eagle Watch Evening Field Trips. 260-468-2127 (link).

The American Eagle Foundation (link) has been involved in rescue of injured birds of prey since 1985. They have helped set up environmental friendly areas and assisted state, local and national groups in re-establishing the eagle population. Donations gratefully accepted.