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Eagle watching events in Indiana: 2014, part 1

Eagles seen throughout Tippecanoe County.
Eagles seen throughout Tippecanoe County.
Rosemary Halsema

Late winter has become eagle watching time in Indiana. The eagle population of Indiana has grown tremendously since 6 pairs were released almost 30 years ago. Before the mid 1980’s, few Hoosiers had seen eagles in Indiana. Today, many have seen the majestic bird. Eagles congregate near open water when rivers and streams freeze over.

Locally, no formal Eagle Watch events are planned, but the colder it is, the more eagles you will see in the downtown area. The retention pond near the Williamsburg Apts. and the Wabash Heritage Trail by Harrison Bridge are good places to sight eagles. US231 Bridge is also a place where they gather, but viewing options are limited. These areas are close to open, shoal water on the Wabash, prime eagle hunting grounds when the river is mostly frozen over. There are also areas on the Tippecanoe River where they are highly visible.

Jan.: 4, Patoka Lake. Pre-register, 5$ per person. 11 a.m.-3 p.m. This program is the earliest in the 2014 Indiana season. It will include both indoor and outdoor programs. The long lived, now gone, bald eagle C-52 has been replaced. His replacement is in training and she probably won’t be ready to greet folks yet. Patoka Lake (link), near French Lick, about a 4 hour drive, lodging in French Lick.

January 18: Sunrise Eagle Watch. Mississinewa Res. Preregister 260-486-2127 (link). About an hour drive.