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Eagle Creek luggage is top notch for adventure travel

When traveling around the world, it’s good to have a reliable piece of luggage. Easily 20 years ago, I bought an oversized duffle bag from Eagle Creek. It has roller wheels and a cavernous inside. It came with both inside and outside synch-down straps to secure things. They also make some neat soft packs for your shirts and slacks. If you follow their instructions, your clothes will hardly show a wrinkle.

The length is perfect for taking hiking poles and other long items. I wrap a piece of double Velcro around the hand-straps to make sure it stays closed. For me, I like to put little strips of yellow duct tape all around it so there is no confusion as to which piece is mine when rolling down the luggage pick-up merry-go-round.

So here’s the funny part. On my last trip, the left wheel starting coming off in chunks. Kinda like the retread tires on 18-wheelers. Swear to my deity, within 20 minutes the other one started to shred. Wow, that was a Twilight Zone chance!

I took it to a luggage repair center to get fixed and was told: “No worries, Eagle Creek warrants for life!” You’re kidding. 20 years later with no receipt. That is what you call customer service. If they can’t fix it – they will send me a free new equivalent one. So I hope they can’t.

Another thing I found out: This duffle bag is great for taking scuba gear and other hard-core equipment. It’s soft sided, so don’t put anything breakable in it. Also the zippers will accommodate TSA padlocks.

A bonus – it weighs about 8 pounds less than my large suitcase. More stuff you can pack before exceeding your 50 pounds.

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