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Eagle Creek is a leading travel outfitter, who provide smart, innovative and durable luggage, travel bags and accessories. They've been around since 1975 and are a California-based company. Eagle Creek invented the adventure travel gear category, introduced the industry's first convertible backpack on wheels, established the first complete travel solution system and is revolutionizing the way travelers pack with its Pack-It(TM) Folders, Cubes, Sacs and Toiletry Kits.

Up for review are the Specter Compression Cube Set, which is comprised of 2 pieces and the Cube Set, which is comprised of 3 pieces. Both sets are small bags with a quick-grab handle, which are designed to fit inside of your larger luggage pieces. Their job is to organize luggage components, which is nice when you think about the fact that after almost every single trip you make with your luggage, you somehow always arrive home to find your damp bathing suit wrapped up with clothes you hadn't even worn yet.

You organizers will love these!

The sets are comprised of translucent, water-resistant, silnylon ripstop material and make packing and un-packing easier and more efficient. They are also lightweight and have water-resistant and anti-staining properties. The sets are available in white/strobe, white/tangerine, strobe green and tangerine. The zippers allow for expansion and compression, should you need it.

You may purchase the cube sets in retail stores and directly from Each of them retails for $38.00.

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