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Each Sun Sign's Tarot Card

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Each one of the Sun signs in the zodiac has a Tarot card in the Major Arcana associated with it. The majority of these cards represent the essence of a type of person through an archetypal figure, but animals are used as well in order to portray human traits and characteristics. Now we shall take a look at each Sun sign and find out what Tarot card is linked to it.

The Tarot card of this sign is The Emperor, representing the person who will always be there for those who need them. This card stands for the Aries’s loyalty, friendship, and stability. Much like the emperor figure, Aries people seek to helps others by using their authority and cognitive sharpness.

Taurus individuals’ card is The Hierophant. This card represents learning from wise teachers who have the ability to guide you on the path of self-discovery. Under their guidance, you may uncover higher truths, going past any shallowness and revealing both major life lessons and profound insights.

Geminis are dual in nature, aspect which is also suggested by their Tarot card, The Lovers. Whenever you are faced with a big change in your life, you usually have to choose between two very different paths. The Lovers card helps you better weigh your options and encourages you to make the choice dictated by your personal values.

People born under this Sun sign can raise above any hardship that life my throw their way, confidently continuing their journey through life regardless of how tough it may get at certain points. This power to guide their own lives is symbolized by their tarot card as well – The Chariot. The fact that Cancer individuals enjoy running wild, freely, is no coincidence.

The Leo sign is linked to The Strength card. It symbolizes both your spiritual and physical strength, as well as your confidence and pleasant personality. Just like the King of the Jungle, Leos are courageous, bold, and fierce, traits which greatly aid them in overcoming any problem.

Virgos need to grow and evolve at their own pace, taking things slow and focusing on their life purpose. Taking this into consideration, The Hermit is quite a suitable card for them, the old man depicted on it standing for one who is tired of the outer world – they’d rather spend time diving in the depths of their inner selves, thus becoming more open and pure.

The Libra Sun sign is generally associated with the image of the scales, an old symbol for Justice. Libras’ card is Justice. This determines them to ponder upon a certain situation, working towards achieving an end result without allowing their emotions to influence them.

Scorpio people gaily embrace change, just like the snake has to shed its skin in order to grow and mature. Their Tarot card, Death, suggests a different type of change, a more spiritual one – Scorpios seek to free their spirit and to be thus reborn. Due to the fact that they can easily change their identity, they always attract others through their mysterious attitude.

The Tarot card of Sagittarians is Temperance. People born under this sign are natural mediators, being able to reconcile those who are having an argument by balancing their opinions and judgments in an understanding, compassionate manner. Much like a river cutting through stone, Archers strongly overcome any hardships.

The card correlated with the Capricorn is The Devil. It encourages those born under this sign to face their inner demons so that they may learn whatever it is that they need to know in order to grow spiritually. This card helps Capricorns replace their worries and doubts with a winner’s mindset, thereby achieving their biggest dreams.

The Aquarians’ card, The Star, is all about their innate optimism. No wish or dream, regardless of how difficult to achieve may seem, is too big for these people. Their mission in this world is to empower others and to encourage them that they, too, can aim insanely high. From this point of view, Aquarians act as spiritual leaders for those surrounding them.

The Moon card associated with this sign suggest that those born under it are people who frequently change their mood. Pisces individuals thrive when attuned to nature's various cycles, which refresh their intuitive powers. The Moon is linked to our emotional side, an important correlation for Pisces people due to their ability to show empathy.



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