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Each power in ‘inFamous: Second Son’ has its own dynamic audio 'language'

In addition to featuring better visuals, inFamous: Second Son will also make use of the Playstation 4’s power to provide a next-gen audio experience. In a post from the official Playstation Blog on March 18, Second Son Audio Director Brad Meyer spoke about the many advances to the series’ audio system which will benefit the series’ third installment.

inFamous: Second Son
Sucker Punch

While everyone discusses the graphical advances made possible by the introduction of next-gen consoles, Meyer noted that new system hardware also allows for significant improvements in gaming audio. Thanks to having 10 times the amount of memory than its predecessor, Sucker Punch was able to pack in more quality audio files to make inFamous: Second Son sound as good as it looks.

For example, each of Delsin’s powersets will have its own distinct sound that was hand recorded in order to set the right audible mood Meyer explained.

We created a language for each power set which we used as a palette to craft the design of each set. With smoke, it was charcoal, air, and extinguishing flames. For neon we strapped a contact mic on our 'Sly Cooper' neon sign and also recorded fluorescent tubes.

Additionally, there are no looping audio files within inFamous: Second Son. Rather than all ambient sounds of the city belonging to pre-recorded files, every sound in the game actually comes from a specific source. All audible cues in the game happen dynamically because very object in the world has been tagged to automatically trigger an appropriate sound both naturally and as players manipulate the environment through destructive combat.

inFamous: Second Son launches exclusively on the PS4 this Friday.

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