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EA talks 'NHL 15’ superstar skill stick updates

This year’s Superstar Skill stick gets some help from True Performance skating.

EA talks 'NHL 15’ superstar skill stick updates-slide0
EA Sports
Super Skill Stick Updates
EA Sports

If you’ve ever played a dual-stick shooter before, you understand that it takes a plethora of control to maintain not only proper aim on your enemies, but your sense of direction as well. EA Sports is using that approach to their Superstar Skill Stick in “NHL 15,” with the hope that more responsibility control-wise will create a much more fluid and innovative gameplay experience.

For the first time in the game’s history, both analog sticks will be independent of one another, allowing for different combinations of movements to create different types of dekes. The left analog stick will be all about EA’s also revamped True Performance Skating system,, while the right will be where players perform their dekes with the Superstar Skill Stick.

EA said on their official site this week that the independent nature of the skills will now create, “more moves to embarrass the competition.”

Promising true hockey physics, your every stride and glide will change what dekes you can perform.

“Chain moves together to keep defenders guessing,” EA said on their official site. “Use a stride deke to move a defender one way then turn him inside-out by chaining it together with a windmill deke. In NHL 15, there are countless ways to get past defenders and creating scoring opportunities using the Superstar Skill Stick.

“NHL 15” is currently scheduled to skate its way on to the Xbox 360, PlayStation3, Xbox One and PlayStation4 video game consoles on September 9.

So what do you think of the updates made to the skill stick?What did you think of the old skill stick? Sound off in the comment section below and let us know.

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