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'EA Sports UFC' new screenshots put you right in the ring

EA Sports UFC is the latest and the greatest game from EA Sports that is made to allow you to feel as though you are right in the middle of the action. On Friday, a new set of screenshots were released by EA Sports that show just how realistic their new next generation UFC game actually is.

EA Sports UFC Screenshots-slide0
EA Sports
EA Sports UFC screenshots
EA Sports

The new EA Sport UFC screenshots do not show a whole bunch of the action, but they do show the same kind of realism that gamers are starting to expect in Xbox One and PS4 games. The faces look like they might be photographs or taken from video of real UFC fighters.

All of the UFC fans favorites are included in the massive picture release and we’ve managed to bring you the best of the brightest that EA Sports UFC has to offer. Luckily we’ve also included the EA Sports UFC E3 announcement trailer so you can actually see the stars of the UFC in action against each other.

EA Sports has managed to hit a home run every year when it comes to its Madden series and Madden 25 doesn’t seem to be any different. With this UFC game release the company is clearly looking to stretch its wings again, especially since this year’s return to the NBA Live franchise was less than successful.

Earlier details tell us that EA Sports UFC isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to allowing gamers to feel as though they are doing battle with fighters like Junior Dos Santos and Francis Carmont. Ronda Rousey is included in the UFC game as well for those who want to really branch out and test their mettle.

Among the features EA Sports is rolling out with this title is something called MMAi. The company is touting this as an adaptive fighting engine that will allow the computer to recognize its fighters plan A has been stopped and it must move on to plan B. Real time exertion and damage are also an integral part to what EA Sports is bringing with UFC. Your fighters will wear down and show pain as well as cuts and bruises when it applies and this will affect them as the bouts continue.

All of this realism, as shown off in the gallery here leads to a better EA Sports UFC game that you will want to pick up when it is finally released sometime this spring on the Xbox One and PS4.

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