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EA Sports UFC: 5 fighters that must absolutely added as a DLC

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EA Sports made it plain and clear that they will be adding more fighters to EA Sports UFC's relatively small roster, which currently consists of less than 100 fighters (UFC Undisputed 3's had around 150). If you don't count the women, you're looking at nearly less than half of UFC Undisputed 3's roster. For a game with as few features as this one, you'd think that it would try to compensate by having a sizable roster, especially considering the fact that EA Sports is an absolute powerhouse in the industry who gets whatever it wants.

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One of the biggest strengths of the Undisputed series was that it had just about every fighter you could think of, regardless of how popular they were. EA Sports UFC managed to get (most of) the headliners but very few of the undercard fighters. We all love our dream megafights like Jon Jones vs Chuck Liddell, but we'd also like to see Smith vs Lopez (yes, those are generic names, that was the point).

But first things first. Before we can wish to have Tim Boetsch or Chris Carao, we must fill in the gaping holes in the roster. It is mind-boggling how certain fighters didn't make it into the game that you'd think EA would have included.

Truth be told, ANY addition would be a welcome one, even if it was Kimbo Slice or Bob Sapp. It'd be nice if between now and the inevitable sequel, we could see the roster grow by at least another 20 fighters. It's highly unlikely, but at the very least, there are five fighters that must be included in the DLC to round out the package. Click on the photos to begin!