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EA SPORTS Predicts Super Bowl XLIV


Houston, are you ready for some football? 

Black and gold can be seen all over Houston right now in support of the New Orleans Saints for this Sunday's big game.  Houston is all a buzz in hopes of a New Orleans victory.   But just how much of a chance do the Saint's have against Peyton Manning and his Colts?

According to the EA SPORTS simulation run by Madden NFL 10 on the 360, the Who Dat's have the game in the bag. The run predicted a NO victory over the Colts with a score of 35-31. The first three quarters of the simulation have the Colts leading the Saints, but a "nail-biting" play at the beginning of the fourth turns the game around in New Orleans favor. Also according to the simulation Drew Brees will take home the MVP honors as New Orleans accepts their first Super Bowl trophy in franchise history.

How accurate is a simulation ran through a video game? Well, Madden NFL 10 accurately predicted both of this season's championship games with a 3 point margin. The game uses each team's current roster and up-to-date player stats for it's predictions. Last season, using the same simulation formula, EA SPORTS predicted Super Bowl XLIII outcome with "unprecedented accuracy" down to the final score and individual player stats. Still need convincing? EA SPORTS has managed to predict five out of the last 6 Super Bowls since beginning running its simulation back in 2004.

Super Bowl XLIV will air on Houston's local CBS station, KHOU.  Kick off time is at 5:25 p.m. CST.