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EA Skate 3 lacking?

Darkslides are a new addition.
Darkslides are a new addition.

You can't deny it, EA Skate was an inspiring and innovative game, with controls that revolutionized the genre and a vibe that was hard to find anywhere else at the time. Skate left a lot to be desired though, which brought the inevitable release of Skate 2; but Skate 2 still left even more out of what could have possibly been a perfect game. Now with Skate 3 coming out, you can't help but to feel a little ripped off.

Let's look at the facts real quick. Skate was great, but left out a lot of needed needed tricks, the ability to get off your board, and lacked intuitive multiplayer mechanics the generation wanted to see. Skate 2 added in a few more tricks, the ability to get off your board, but still was without a strong multiplayer aspect. 

Skate 3 boasts the main idea behind the game is working in teams. Teams of skaters to accomplish goals and help with challenges and above all, skate. They've also added a few new tricks to now encompass every main trick in an average skater's arsenal.

This could be the multiplayer experience we're all looking for, and we might now be able to do all the stunts we want, but why most of this couldn't be a part of the first and second game is a mystery to us all. It's starting to feel more like we're paying full retail for "Skate DLC". The games were and are being released around a year or two apart, but is there really too much development going on?

Skate 1 and 2 could have been amazing games, if they provided the entire package. Skate 3 definitely does look to satisfy, just maybe not to those of us that have put so much into 1 and 2.

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