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EA reveals top-rated Left Wingers in ‘NHL 15’

EA reveals top-rated Left Wingers in ‘NHL 15’-slide0
EA Sports

Jamie Benn, Tyler Hall, Zach Parise, Henrik Zetterberg and Alexander Ovechkin were named as the top five Left Wingers in Electronic Arts’ upcoming “NHL 15” video game today on Electronic Arts’ official website.

EA reveals top-rated Left Wingers in ‘NHL 15’
EA Sports

Benn, Hall and Parise were all rated a 90 overall. Two of the youngest stars in the NHL, Hall and Benn continue to develop every season, while Minnesota’s Parise, fresh off a 29-goal season in 2013-14 has a few more seasons under his belt and is about to enter his prime.

In just 45 games last season, Detroit’s Zetterberg scored 16 goals and added 48 points, enough to earn a 92 overall rating. Still one of the best two-way threats in the game, the Red Wings captain should produce even more in 2015 if completely healthy.

Earning the number one spot at the Left Wing position in “NHL 15” is Washington’s Ovechkin, who was rated a 93 overall. Known for his pinball-like, shoot-first, pass later approach to the game, the rating gurus at Electronic Arts didn’t seem to mind his -35 rating and penchant to keep the puck from his teammates.

A league-leading 51 goals, supported by 204 hits, the most in the NHL among anyone with more than 65 points, was enough justification for his rating.

“Sure Ovechkin may be slightly one dimensional, but does he ever do that dimension well,” EA Sports said on their official website. “Ovechkin comes in as our top rated left winger as he possess five stars in Puck Skills, Senses, Shooting, Skating and Physicality. His (95) Wrist Shot Power and (4) Wrist Shot Accuracy is also a league best.”

“NHL 15” is currently scheduled to skate its way on to the Xbox 360, PlayStation3, Xbox One and PlayStation4 video game consoles on September 9.

So what do you think of Electronic Arts’ ratings? Is there a Left Winger on the list you would have added instead? Sound off in the comment section below and let us know.