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EA releases new The Sims 3 store downloads for November

Sims 3 children get jungle themed playground equipment in the newly released Animals Abound Playground - Outdoor Fun set.
Sims 3 children get jungle themed playground equipment in the newly released Animals Abound Playground - Outdoor Fun set.

In the mood for some new Sims 3 downloads? EA has you covered! Several new in-game object and clothing items, including a free holiday set, were released in the Sims 3 store on Thursday. Here is what you will find:

Morocco Mystique + Cante Captivating
The Morocco Mystique set offers furniture and build items with a Mediterranean feel. The nine item set includes two sofas, three lights, one coffee table, a fountain, one door and one window. Morocco Mystique can be purchased for 500 SimPoints.

Cante Captivating provides your Sims with Spanish style clothing items. The eight piece set offers male Sims a bolero jacket, vest, trousers and hat. Female Sims can dress dramatically in three long dresses and a new hairstyle that sports a bun with red flower. Cante Captivating costs 550 SimPoints.

Sims 3 players can save a bit of cash by purchasing the Morocco Mystique and Cante Captivating sets together for 850 SimPoints.

Loads of Laundry
The Ambitions expansion pack introduced Sims to laundry and now they can clean their duds in style with the Loads of Laundry set. This set expands previous Sims 3 design sets by offering laundry items in the Bayside, Ultra Lounge, and I Heart the 50’s styles. Each design can be purchased separately (450-500 SimPoints, depending on the set) or together for 1,200 SimPoints.

Animals Abound Playground - Outdoor Fun
EA expands the Animals Abound Playground set with outdoor fun items. This cute eight item set includes a climbing tower with a giraffe on it, a “Fuzzy Friends Fence” with bear heads on the posts, a bunny planter with plant, a bear sofa, a panda bear toilet paper holder (one wonders what Sim children are doing outdoors), a panda bear lamp post, an elephant slide, and a swing with climbing monkeys. Animals Abound Playground - Outdoor Fun can be purchased for 450 SimPoints.

Glitter and Glam + Diva and Divo
Sims who are enjoying the luxury of October’s Glitter and Glam bedroom set can now dress the part with the Diva and Divo clothing set. Female Sims will find two formal gowns, three hairstyles and a wide-brimmed hat. Male Sims are simply offered two new hats. Diva and Divo can be purchased alone for 600 SimPoints or in combination with the Glitter and Glam Bedroom for a discounted 1,200 SimPoints.

More Holiday Presents
Sims 3 players wishing to save a little money on their downloading habit can download six new holiday items for free. The holiday gifts offer something for everyone with floating Hanukkah candles, Kwanzaa artwork, a Christmas tree (complete with presents), St. Nick outfit and matching miter, and a non-denominational yard-sized snowman snow globe.

In need of SimPoints?
EA is continuing to release its $20 Game Cards at new retail locations during November.


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