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EA news: 'Star Wars Battlefront' not tied to movie, full game downloads up 90%

Permission to use photo given by EA

EA went into some details regarding their overall revenue for the quarter, in addition to results from their DLC and free-to-play divisions. Full game downloads are on an impressive rise and their development system is better understanding what it takes to make great games for PS4 and Xbox One.

Non GAAP total for the quarter was $775 million, that happened to check in at 57% higher than the previous year's quarter. Add-on and free-to-play content brought in an additional $200 million, that turned out to be 19% higher than the prior year. Mobile revenue garnered $120 million in revenue, with an 18% increase from the previous year.

This goes to show the significant amount of consumer interest in not just DLC or add-on content, but also in free-to-play. The latter is a model that many, many publishers believe is a significant business model that isn't leaving anytime soon.

Full game downloads via digital stores resulted in a 90% increase that meant an additional $70 million in revenue came in. Leading the way for full game downloads for EA was Titanfall and Battlefield 4. EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen spoke about the Battlefield Hardline delay, but didn't shed too much light on it.

"We're committed to continuing to build a great Battlefield franchise. Since we'll be shipping in fourth quarter, we'll see more [Battlefield] Hardline business which bodes well for our fourth quarter overall," Jorgensen said.

It's encouraging to see EA make this decision to delay Hardline, no matter how much people wanted the game out this year. It'll hopefully ensure a higher quality of game when it launches later next year. EA Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson spoke about the progression they are seeing with their games on the PS4 and Xbox One.

"What we're seeing is anytime you go into a new platform transition, it's never easy. Our operating software is starting to stabilize [on PS4 and Xbox One]. Our teams gradually gain a better understanding of how those engines work on those platforms, [resulting in] higher quality games," Wilson said.

EA seems to have a new commitment to releasing high quality games and that means holding off a game that was supposed to launch this October until next year. That's not easy to do for a company because of the expense a delay creates, but it ultimately leads to a better game. Fans should be excited about what's coming from EA and perhaps we are seeing the beginning of their new found commitment to quality.

EA Executive Vice President of EA Studios Patrick Soderlund talked about Star Wars Battlefront and whether or not it is tied to the actual release of the next film in the series.

"We've shown parts of the game to date. You know what were building is more rooted in the traditional Star Wars universe, not so much linked to the movie being made.

"We wanted to make a game that celebrates the history of Star Wars. We don't have a particular tie to the movie, but obviously we would prefer to launch Battlefront sometime close to when the movie launches," Soderlund.

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