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EA may stream games to Comcast subscribers

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According to a report from Reuters on May 2, Electronic Arts could very well offer their games to Comcast Cable subscribers. Both companies have been in talks and after around two years of talks and testing it seems the agreement is just around the corner.

Some of the games mentioned during talks included “Plants vs. Zombies” and “Monopoly”. The initial focus is on casual and sports games, with other genres like first-person shooters and action/adventure games to be looked at in the future. This would be a service for those using the X1 cable box system.

The X1 is a video OS with applications and a sophisticated user interface. It features Internet applications, voice control, and viewing recommendations. If the agreement does go through, this would be the boldest step made by a cable company.

A lot of questions have currently gone unanswered, including how the revenue model would work or even a release date for the service. However, we know that Comcast subscribers will be able to use tablets as a controller to play these games if and when the service launches.