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EA may include games for Comcast

Latest in gaming news, EA is considering making some of their games available via Comcast’s X1 streaming cable box. Having video games available through cable providers isn't exactly a new idea but as the services cable providers offers gets updated, video game publishers seem to be getting more involved.

EA Sports games may be included in Comcast X1 streaming cable box
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV are both streaming boxes that provide both television and games available for users to enjoy on their televisions through one device. However, neither of them have a big name like EA behind them. EA may have a bit of a bad rap amongst the gaming community for some of their unsavory business practices yet many of their games remain extremely popular.

No doubt having popular EA titles available through Comcast would be a large selling point for the cable company. The games currently being considered for inclusion with Comcast’s X1 streaming cable box are EA Sports titles such as “FIFA Soccer” and “Madden NFL” according to reports.

The report from Reuters is that Comcast is interested in including casual, family genre games to their streaming cable box. They are also considering expanding into more involved game genres such as FPS’s. As of now EA and Comcast are just “talking”. Nothings official but if EA games are available via Comcasts new X1 streaming cable box it will instigate other streaming television providers to get big video game companies on board with their products.

Such a shift would certainly make choosing a television provider a whole different ball game. Yet even if popular games like “FIFA”are available through a streaming cable box it still won’t be a substitute or competition for a dedicated gaming console. Not yet anyway.

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