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EA: ‘Madden 15’ is ‘most balanced game’ they’ve ever built

Those who want to have fun on defense may get their wish in “Madden 15.”

EA: ‘Madden 15’ is ‘most balanced game’ they’ve ever built-slide0
EA Sports
EA: ‘Madden 15’ is ‘most balanced game’ they’ve ever built
EA Sports

Legacy is a tough topic for any video game, but even more so for a yearly sports franchise the likes of Electronic Arts’ Madden series that has to continue and grow due to the appetites of hungry fans.

But in the case of “Madden 15,” EA developers already have an idea how the game will stand the test of time.

“I think it will be remembered very fondly in a few years,” “Madden 15” Director of Presentation Brian Murray told Examiner this week. “It’s truly the next-gen game the fans want. Graphics, gameplay, and presentation are a world ahead of what they’ve been in the past. We think we have long-lasting game in ‘Madden NFL 15.’”

With a focus on revamped presentation and gameplay additions on defense, this year’s Madden will feel different, according to EA, for both newbies and pigskin loyalists alike.

As far as options as updates go, EA has filled the opposite end of the plate to the very top this year. For a game that has historically been about flash and offense, things just got a bit grittier.

The days of “Cyber” Barry long done, the dominance of the Seattle Seahawks defense has changed what makes football sexy and EA knows this year a different type of game is needed to entice gamers.

“For some, they will judge the game based on the success of what we would normally refer to as our ‘lead features.’ In this regard, I believe the game will be remembered as the year that playing defense became fun,” “Madden 15” Creative Director Rex Dickson told Examiner. “For our core Madden gamers, we are usually judged on an entirely different scale. They will perceive the quality of the game based on how many things or areas still need to be worked on. Long-standing legacy issues like WR/DB interaction, locomotion, player gear and penalties. They want us to address all these issues and will largely judge the game based on whether this iteration of the game represents a big enough improvement year-over-year. In this regard I believe the game will be remembered as a key turning point for the franchise.

“Finally, for many it is all about balance and challenge. If the game is properly balanced and people can get a challenging, realistic game both online or vs. the AI, the game will be perceived as one of the best in franchise history. Fans told us that ‘Madden NFL 25’ had four soft zones, the outside run game was overpowered, and it was too hard to stop offenses. We took this feedback to heart and made some changes in our development philosophy to ensure that ‘Madden NFL 15’ is balanced across the board. I believe this will keep people engaged with the game for a much longer period of time and ultimately, this game will be remembered for being one of the most balanced we have ever built.”

“Madden 15” is set for an August 26 release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One home gaming consoles.

Are you excited for “Madden 15”? Are the additions on the defensive side of the game enough to warrant a purchase? Sound off in the comment section below and let us know.

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