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EA E3 2014 Conference highlights and thoughts

EA E3 2014 Conference highlights and thoughts
EA E3 2014 Conference highlights and thoughts

EA's press conference for E3 2014 brought a variety to the gamers. Here are the highlights of the event.

  • Dice Studio announced Battlefront for Spring 2015. In visiting the original places where the movie was shot, it promises to please the eye and warm the heart of the anxiously waiting!
  • The Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer was enhanced with live cello playing that was moving and a great addition to just watching the trailer. The Tactical view will allow the player to take more control over the battle system, but can switch between Tactical and normal.
  • Two more new projects from BioWare were announced as well. A brand new IP with worlds that are as big as what they have done before that feels real and is constantly changing, just as the real world. They are also working on the new Mass Effect title.
  • The Sims 4 will allow for more personalities and influences. In this game, personality will drive behavior. Players will be able to share their Sims and snag others from a library of player-created Sims to change up the gameplay. The game will be available September 2, 2014.
  • UFC will feature Bruce Lee as a playable character. The game will be available next week on June 17th.
  • NHL15 will feature a new generation of hockey players and will offer more unpredictability with physics added to everything.
  • Criterion Games revealed an early announcement that they are working on a new IP that allow them to take on all types of vehicles. It will be a first-person perspective to varying terrains.
  • PGA Tour will utilize Frostbite 3 and offer fantasy golfing and will be available Spring 2015.
  • Madden NFL 15 will get a perspective change up that will allow the player to read and attach the defense that is directly in front. Pushing opponents, open-field tackles, conservative tackles, and aggressive tackles, are just some defensive improvements added to Madden NFL 15.
  • Dawngate trailer shown.
  • Dice announced....yes, Mirror's Edge 2 and talked about Faith's overall look for the sequel. The combat is enhanced with tighter hits and will be available for the new generation.
  • FIFA15 will feature authentic player visuals and the environment will react to the game and add to the experience. The game will be out this fall.
  • Visceral showed their trailer for Battlefield Hardline. The new announcement brings in the cops and criminals. The gameplay footage shown took on the perspective of both sides during a multiplayer mission. This will definitely be one that will provide countless hours of online fun.

As Peter Moore stated, EA packed all of what we have been seeing on the internet in a live 60 minute show and included some great announcements! The footage that was most impactful was Battlefield Hardline. EA will be implementing many changes on some of the most beloved sports franchises that will offer the player more of a realistic feeling to put them in the shoes of the characters and the environments. Including Bruce Lee as a playable character in UFC seemed to be a good idea, until the trailer was shown. It didn't seem to pay his name homage to see him on the floor trying to defend himself. Mirror's Edge 2 finally received their moment to shine and while we love Faith, the time dedicated to the game mainly discussed Faith. It would have been great to see some gameplay footage at the conference, especially with Mirror's Edge, or a hard-hitting trailer. Most of the announcements were quick teaser trailers. However, there was something for everyone and EA's conference delivered to the fans.

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