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EA drops info on Boss Battles in 'Madden 15,' includes 40 level challenges

Updates to Madden’s Skills Trainer give “Madden 15” an almost-“Warioware” feel at times.

EA drops info on Boss Battles in 'Madden 15,' includes 40 level challenges-slide0
EA Sports
EA drops info on Boss Battles in 'Madden 15,' includes 40 level challenges
EA Sports

A football game with boss battles? You better believe it. Tucked within the Skills Trainer in “Madden 15” is a set of challenges that will make any old-school gamer go crazy with delight. Remember the trick shot section of the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo classic “Side Pocket”? This is the closest Madden will get to that experience, while, at the same time, reinforcing all the skills you’ve acquired throughout the Skills Trainer process.

“At the end of Skills Trainer, we test everything you have a learned so far as you face a 40-level challenge with 5 lives. Every 5 levels we then challenge you with a Boss Battle that get pretty crazy, but in a fun way,” said Danny Doeberling, Assistant Producer for "Madden NFL 15,” in an exclusive interview with Examiner. “I won’t spoil all of them for you, but the first one you will encounter is kicking a 110-yard field goal into 200+ mph hurricane-force winds. The Gauntlet is a throwback to old-school video game challenges and we think some of our veteran players will have a lot of fun trying to beat each other’s scores.”

Through their own research, EA Sports learned enough about their players to understand just how important the Skills Trainer mode was to keeping players glued to the screen.

With the added levels and boss battles, EA has upped the ante.

“We learned that players who actively played last year’s Skills Trainer ended up playing Madden for a longer period of time,” Doeberling adds. “Skills Trainer will always be about helping players learn how to play Madden, however, we also wanted to take the opportunity to grow on that and teach real football concepts and strategy. With the Gauntlet mode, we wanted to do a throwback to those classic mini-games experience while still teaching the user at the same time. I would like to see Skills Trainer keep evolving into a place to learn about Madden, the game of football, and have some fun playing bite-sized challenges.”

“Madden 15” is set for an August 26 release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One home gaming consoles.