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EA discusses community value and Skills Trainer for 'Madden 15'

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EA Sports wants to teach you how to play Madden the right way with its updated Skills Trainer.

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Tutorials in video games are usually boring. Lets be fair here, though, it’s pretty difficult to make teaching someone a video game fun, right? Most of the real fun comes from your mistakes and growing into a game, after hours of failure.

However, that’s not the case with Electronic Arts sports games, which for some people can be overtly complicated. Sometimes, the success never comes because sports games, football titles in particular are filled with information that needs to be understood before you can thrive. Understanding how the players move and react is one thing, but being comfortable calling plays and knowing what players to put on the field in certain situations, well that’s a colt of a different color.

Ultimately, the skills trainer in “Madden 15” is all about help, through fun. Don’t know what a Cover Two defense is? EA will not only tell you, but they’ll explain why it’s important and when to use it. Want to know how to use the stiff-arm correctly? They’ll show you that too. From the basic to the more advanced, Madden’s updated skills trainer will not only help you become better at the game, but it’ll make you a smarter fan with a deeper knowledge of how the game is supposed to work.

The coolest part of the Skills Trainer however is that if you’re struggling in a few particular areas, the game will help you address your weaknesses.

“They (the community) have played a huge part (in development of the Skills Trainer). We have telemetry to tell us what type of things players are struggling with during the course of the game,” said Danny Doeberling, Assistant Producer for "Madden NFL 15,” in an exclusive interview with Examiner. “We can then go and craft a Skills Trainer tutorial around that to help them get better in an area or teach how to effectively run something.

“Additionally, when we were play-testing the game last year we discovered that a big portion of our fans do not know what, for instance, a Cover 2 Defense is, even though they regularly call it. So one of our goals was to try and teach some basic football knowledge in Skills Trainer. It is our belief that if we can teach them more about football in the end they will be better Madden players.”

“Madden 15” is set for an August 26 release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One home gaming consoles.


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