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EA and Comcast to stream games to your television

Comcast and EA are partnering up to stream games to your television
Comcast and EA are partnering up to stream games to your television

EA is reportedly close to closing a deal with Comcast to stream video games on their cloud-connected X1 cable box operating system. This will allow Comcast customers to purchase video games such as FIFA and Madden through their television.

Comcast would make the purchase of EA titles available on their X1 cable box, which is considered the most sophisticated in the cable industry. It features internet applications, voice control and viewing recommendations.

This deal will be a brave new step for a cable company to muscle in on the video-game console manufacturer's territory, such as Sony and Microsoft. It will be a game changer for Comcast.

Comcast has been trying to find ways to woo their customers back since they have began defecting and pursuing more economically feasible routes of enjoying their television time. Their customers began shifting toward Apple Tv and Amazon's FireTv.

Comcast and EA plan to make buying a new video game as simple as ordering a pay-per-view movie. This will completely upset the way video games are currently purchased. Apparently, EA and Comcast are waiting for their $45 billion proposal to buy Time Warner Cable Inc. to be approved. Comcast and EA have yet to comment on their plans, but this would make Comcast the country's largest cable provider.

What does EA gains a new source of revenue from this deal? Software sales have been slow despite the new consoles being released last November. So EA stands to gain a much needed new source of revenue. Comcast will initially offer EA's sports and family friendly titles then consider offering first-person shooters.

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