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EA Access members will be able to play ‘Dragon Age: Inquisiton’ five days early

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts, used with permission

Despite the fact that there are no plans to release a playable demo for Dragon Age: Inquisition before the third installment of the popular fantasy franchise launches later this fall, Xbox One owners who are also EA Access members will be able to play the game five days prior to its official release date. The developer confirmed on Aug. 23 that subscribers to EA’s premium service will be able to try out Inquisition without having to actually purchase the game.

In effect, this will be the closest that gamers will come to getting a demo for Dragon Age: Inquisition. The game will be one of the first titles to utilize a “limited access’ feature of the publisher’s new subscription plan. As part of the EA Access program, members will be able to play select games for a limited amount of time. As is the case with Dragon Age: Inquisition, limited access trials will often become available before the games’ official release date.

Exact details on how much of Inquisition will be available to EA Access subscribers before launch have not yet been revealed but Bioware has confirmed that the program will grant gamers early limited access to the standard edition of the next Dragon Age game regardless of whether they have bought the title or not. Additionally, the developer recently revealed that players will also be able to pre-load the game up to five days ahead of its launch date.

Dragon Age: Inquisition launches on Nov. 18 for both the new and old generation of Microsoft and Sony consoles as well as PC. EA Access is only available on the Xbox One.