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E3 Retrospective: The best and worst of Sony

Jack Tretton announces PS4 plans.
Jack Tretton announces PS4 plans.

To kick off E3 coverage early in eagerness for next week, let’s look at the past ten years of the big event. How has Sony done over the past ten years? Below are two analysis videos depicting the best and worst moments for Sony. Can they come out on top again this year, or will they slip up? Only time will tell, but let’s look first to the past.

10 Best Sony Moments

  • Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid 4 reveal trailers
  • Killzone 2 “real-time” demo
  • Uncharted 2 demo
  • Kevin Butler takes the stage
  • Gabe Newell and Portal 2
  • Twisted Metal reboot
  • Bioshock Move/PS Vita project reveals
  • Adam Boyes and the indie game revolution
  • Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 reveals
  • The PS4’s E3 2014 dominance

10 Worst Sony Moments

  • PS3 rubber duck tech demo
  • Riiiidge Racer
  • Giant enemy crabs
  • PS3 pricing
  • PlayStation Move (2010)
  • PlayStation Move (2011)
  • Kobe Bryant can’t play games
  • Good job Jeremy
  • AT&T PS Vita partnership
  • WonderBook
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