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E3 Retrospective: The best and worst of Microsoft

To promote GTAIV moving to Xbox, Peter got a tattoo.
Microsoft, Rockstar

To hype everyone up for E3, let’s look at the past ten years of the big event (2004-2013). How has Microsoft done over the past ten years? Below are two analysis videos depicting the best and worst moments for the American company. Will they be a joke again this year? Only time will tell, but let’s look first to the past.

10 Best Microsoft Moments

  • Peter Moore’s Halo 2 tattoo
  • Peter Moore’s GTAIV tattoo
  • Modern Warfare demo
  • Fallout 3 demo
  • Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 port
  • The Beatles promote Rockband
  • Project Natal: Milo
  • Halo 4 teaser
  • Matt Stone and Trey Parker promote South Park: The Stick of Truth
  • Insomniac jumps ship to Microsoft with Sunset Overdrive

10 Worst Microsoft Moments

  • EA Sports deal
  • “Backpack Guy”
  • In the Movies demo
  • Tony Hawk Ride demo
  • Skype chat demo
  • ESPN deal
  • Every Kinect demo (2010)
  • Every Kinect demo (2011)
  • Killer Instinct “rape” controversy
  • Battlefield 4 crashed demo
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