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E3 Notes


E3 gives gamers what they are to be expecting in the next year and half. A lot of titles are expected holiday this year while others are not being released till next year and that is not counting delays *cough* "Elder Scrolls" as we all know always happens.

The Halo Collection is nice to have for any die-hard fan of this future world. The extras that come with it will be nice and to be able to see Halo 2 remastered and retouched along with its multiplayer as it was has caught my attention. It is something to look into and decide for yourself.

Witcher 3 looks great and action packed, developers stating that anywhere can be explored that can be seen in game. This provides hours of gameplay with so many possibilities. The demo they showed had the main character tracking down and killing a Griffin. Along the way he fights some bandits to save a woman. What I noticed is that when choosing what to say, the main character will actually have a voice. This is nice change from the games on the Xbox 360 where it would seem as one sided dialogue. This will give games a more of a movie-esque type feel.

Rainbow Six Siege looks good. From the gameplay that was presented, it could use some polishing up but it looks like a Rainbow Six game and most likely feel like it too. Taking cover and attacking from it will be key as most of the time it is. The video shows a team trying to save a hostage. From this demo we can learn a lot about the game and how it will play out and function. It has caught my attention as the Rainbow Six games have been in their own class of First Person Tactical Shooters.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare looks action packed enough for me to actually play the campaign and possible the multiplayer. I still bask in the days of Modern Warfare 2, awh what a great campaign and multiplayer, I spent countless hours on that game. Enough reminiscing. Advanced Warfare, looks to be different with its weapons and abilities changing how you react to situations. But rocket boots and flying onto objects will remind you of Titanfall. This is another Call of Duty game but I hope the developers surprise and shock us with something.

I have reported on Mortal Kombat X already in a seperate article but I will go over some points here. New characters are always fun for the most part. Sometimes though we can find ourselves saying, "They should have just brought back (insert MK character not in the game here) instead". Again since the reboot in 2011 many gamers fell back in love with MK while others were being introduced to the series. My hope is that this isn't just a rev'd up version of the MK 9 with different characters and backgrounds. It will be hard to top MK 9; my hopes are high but I am still holding breath for this one.

Rise of the Tomb Raider shows an embattled Lara Croft trying to piece herself together. While I have never played a Lara Croft game from start to finish this has definitely caught my attention and could possibly make me break into the series. I have heard many good things about most of the Lara Croft games and this one has been no different. I look forward to wielding her bow and doing what I must.

There are many other games that were revealed and shown. The games mentioned above just give you a taste of what was revealed at E3. The next two years in gaming look to be adventurous and filled with great games. We can all hope that all of them live up to their hype as in some case they do not.

Happy gaming!

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