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E3 2014 hands-on impressions: 'Splatoon' for the Wii U


Splatoon is a game that will allow an all out four-on-four paint war. The game has two teams with up to four players that the main objective is to get more of the map covered in their color paint before the time is up. Now, there is more to it than to just splatter the walls and floors with paint.

'Splatoon' E3 impressions

Because it is timed, this is where the strategy and team work comes into play. Players will find that it will be more beneficial to utilize their paint gun to splatter as much of the ground as possible. Since ammo, or ink, is not unlimited, the player turns into a none-other-than a squid with the push of a button to travel within the team's responding ink. This not only brings their ink level back up, but was a great touch to the game. If the squid touches the opposing team's color, he is slowed down drastically, and time is of the essence. The player will only really want to focus on walls that he needs to get to the second level. Since the squid can travel in the ink, making paths up walls came in very beneficial.

Splatoon puts an emphasis on team work. This is key to winning the matches and we found it was best when two of us would flank the opposing team, white the other two stayed back to paint the world. The opposing team can come back and paint over what the team has been working hard on covering and gain that area back. So, it is a matter of finding what will work for each team to succeed.

The graphics are colorful cartoon graphics that are simple and fun. The gamepad shows a map that will, not only show how much of the level is covered in both team's paint, but also where the player's teammate is. The player can also teleport to another person's area to come in and assist.

The game's controls were simple to use so that the entire family can enjoy the fun. The Gamepad displays the map so that the team can see what areas they are in control of and also to see what areas the opposing team is conquering to be able to take it back.

With upgrades for the weapons found in-map, this is a fun game for a family to enjoy together because it is not too difficult for a player at almost any age to pick up and learn the mechanics. This game is good clean fun for the family.

While demo was on one map, we got to jump on two rounds to get the hang of it and mess around with the game's features. We look forward to playing more maps on Splatoon as it releases. The third-person action shooter will be available the first half of next year and while pricing is not available yet, we will keep you posted as the details drop.

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