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E3 2014 hands-on impressions: 'Super Smash Bros.'

E3 2014
E3 2014

The beloved franchise is back, well almost. But, we got to get our hands on Super Smash Bros. at E3. While Pac-Man, Palutena, and Mii characters were not on the roster to play on the show floor, Rosalina, Sonic, and the Villager from Animal Crossing were the few that I selected to make my rounds.

The game feels really good and it helps that they are going back to their GameCube controller, since that was the one favored by the Smash community. The controls feel tight and just right. Pulling off the moves were not hard to do, and as always, it is utilizing the character's moves strategically that will demonstrate the player's skill level. There are now twelve special attacks, versus the four that we are used to from the previous titles. This offers a lot more depth into the gameplay. The demo did not offer ability to play around with the player customization option that Sakurai mentioned during the round table meeting. While, it did allow us to basically play some rounds, a look into the player customization a little more into detail would have been welcomed.

The Villager was a much heavier character that seemed a bit difficult to work with, however with more practice, he has some moves that can come in very handy in combat. I found myself utilizing his gyroid move the most, in which he unleashes a gyroid that will fly off to hit any enemies in front of him. This was extremely handy in, not only taking off some "health" of an opposing character, but also bumping them off when they are right at the edge of a platform. Sonic is much faster and lighter than the Villager, which allows him to carry off quick moves and dodge attacks a bit easier. Rosalina was my player of choice because she seemed to have a balance and more of a floaty feel. Her grab move is one that will humiliate the challenger, in which she will pick them up and smack them repeatedly with her star wand. This was good for some fun and laughs and seemed to be my favorite grabs of the characters I played as.

The aesthetics of the characters and the stages were beautiful. Each character has entered into the Smash Bros. franchise polished and ready to go in Super Smash Bros.. They have been tossed into the Super Smash Bros. world seamlessly and all fit together perfectly. The stages are, of course, stages that will please the eye and the hearts of the fans.

The entire game just looked and felt polished. While only playing a few rounds, we anxiously await the game's release. Super Smash Bros. will hit shelves on October 3, 2014, with the Wii U version following during the holiday season. We will keep you posted as the official release date for the Wii U is announced. While I would've loved to see the Invitational Tournament live, you can read what I had scheduled during that time, the round table meeting with Sakurai himself HERE.

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