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E3 2014: EA press conference wrap up

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EA was next in line for E3’s Day Zero events. With the calamity that was Battlefield 4 and SimCity last year, EA needed to put their game face on. Unfortunately, they came out a bit premature. Here’s what happened.

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  • Star Wars: Battlefront was discussed in a developer diary with a tease that more will be shown in Spring 2015
  • Dragon Age Inquisition received new gameplay and a character trailers
  • The next Mass Effect game was teased in a developer diary with new concept art
  • BioWare also announced they are working on a new IP
  • The Sims 4 was showcased onstage, revealing its release on 9/9
  • EA's UFC had a new gameplay trailer, showcasing Bruce Lee as a playable character
  • NHL 15 was shown off in a new trailer
  • Criterion Games teased their next car game, featuring multiple vehicles and will all be in first-person
  • PGA Tour was revealed in a trailer, showing off their new concept of golf courses without boundaries with a course bombarded with a wrecked ship
  • Madden 15 was shown off in a trailer, revealing its release of 8/26
  • Dawngate was announced as a new fantasy MOBA
  • Mirror’s Edge 2 was teased in a developer diary with new concept art
  • FIFA 15 was shown off in a trailer
  • Battlefield: Hardline revealed their game with a demonstration of their 32 person multiplayer cops vs criminals mode, also announcing that a closed Beta will launch today for the PC and PS4