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E3 2014: Day One News Recap

Nintendo continued to dominate the E3 news all day even after their digital event this morning. Square Enix and a few other companies popped up here and there, but the big N ruled over most of it. Let’s see what was announced in the roundup.

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Square Enix
  • In a separate video, Nintendo demonstrated how their Amiibo toys will work with games
  • Devil’s Third, the next game from the creator behind Ninja Gaiden, is now a Wii U exclusive
  • Doom 4 was announced with a teaser trailer
  • Star Fox for the Wii U was revealed
  • Mario Party 10 for the Wii U was announced
  • Fantasy Life, a Level 5 RPG, is being localized, slated to release this Fall
  • Final Fantasy Type 0 is getting a HD facelift from the PSP for the PS4 and Xbox One
  • Pac-Man was announced as a new character for Super Smash Bros
  • New Wii U GameCube controllers were displayed at Nintendo’s booth
  • Xenoblade Chronicle’s X was demoed and narrated by the developers for almost an hour
  • Final fantasy XIV are getting two new classes: Rogues and Ninjas
  • The motorcycle mini game from Final Fantasy VII is being ported to mobile devices
  • Mario vs Donkey Kong was revealed for the Wii U
  • Nintendo held their Super Smash Bros tournament today
  • IGN’s YouTube Channel made a Playlist for every E3 trailer revealed thus far (as of now, 175)
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