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E3 2014 Behind-Closed-Doors with 'Skylanders: Trap Team'

Over the years, the Skylanders franchise has made quite a name for itself through the video games and the merchandise that has branched out, as a result of the game. Fans now have massive collections of figures from all of the titles in the series, not only to accommodate and enhance the gameplay experience, but because we just have to collect them all.

E3 2014 Event Special Edition
E3 2014 Event Special Edition

What is Activision doing differently this time around? At E3 2014, the team introduced Skylanders: Trap Team. Evan, one of the production guys on the team ensured that every year, "the real goal is to innovate and create magic by bringing a toy to life, frozen in our life and alive in theirs."

The Traps in Skylanders: Trap Force are described as a mythical way of imprisioning the defeated villains for the player's personal use in the game. By defeating and trapping a villain, the player can then take on the elemental persona of the villain, as well as combine their ability into the gameplay of the player's selected character.

When a new Skylanders title is introduced into the series, so is a new portal, to accommodate the new chips in the latest figures. Just like the other portals, the new one is backwards compatible to work with all the previously released figures. The consumer will need to purchase traps to play the game and they resemble crystals. The player will defeat the villain using Traptanium, which will keep that villain locked away, with the ability to bring them back to Skylands and allow them to fight for the player, rather than against.

Over 40 villains can be trapped and there will be many combinations available that will expand on the gameplay. This will also be available during the multiplayer mode. The Traps can be managed on what villain it will hold, since it was said to hold one at a time. All of the traps will not need to be purchased to play the game. The player will only need one of each element to be able to play through the game.

The neat thing about the new portal is that the player will hear noises from the trapped villains. The audio that emits from the portal was said to be software-based, rather than hardware. However, it added a fun touch to the game. It can be compared to the sounds heard through some gaming console controllers (WiiRemote, DualShock 4) that add to the gaming experience.

The Traps are implemented into the storyline due to Kaos releasing the most notorious villains in Skylands by blowing up the walls of Cloudcracker Prison. Players will have their chance to return the villains to Skylands on October 2, 2014 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS.

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