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E3 2013: Tearaway hands-on impressions

E3 2013: Tearaway hands-on impressions (PS Vita)
Media Molecule

While we know that Tearaway is developed by Media Molecule, when playing it, there is no doubt that it has the Media Molecule feel. The team's creativity flows into the world that is played out with a story book feel. The levels are made of various paper designs that are shredded, cut, rolled- you name it. Using two fingers on the front touch pad and sliding them apart will open up a new part of the world that resembles pulling tabs on a pop up book.

Media Molecule is known for customization and creativity and the world of Tearaway is full of it! Not only was the world appealing, but also Tearaway's main character, Iota. What makes the customization special to begin, is that I was able to immediately begin customizing my character with different color options of paper for skin and eye color. I was also able to choose whether to use the boy messenger, Iota or the girl messenger, Atoi and select if I am right or left handed. You will not only be playing a platforming game, but also be crafting your way through it. During the time I played, I cut out a crown from construction paper, tracing my finger along the front touch pad where I wanted the scissors to cut.

Since you play as the messenger, you ARE also a message yourself, as you feature an envelope head with a paper body. Your mission is to get your unique message to the player by traveling the world in Tearaway.

I love that the PS Vita's functionalities are utilized and done so in a way that is not redundant and feels natural- not overly used. The feel of the gameplay was smooth and easy for anyone to pick up. Nothing felt awkward, even going back and forth between touch pads and the system's controls. By this, you can destroy enemies in various ways, depending on what the game requires at the time. You can use the back touch pad to "poke your fingers" into the world and hit them by moving your fingers around on the back touch pad. I love how the animation looks when you see fingers pop in when you touch the back touch pad. I was also able to take enemies out that were pouncing on me, by dodging them and then picking them up and throwing them.

Getting around the world is also a fun treasure of its own. Paper will roll and unroll in front of you, creating barriers that you have to time your pace to pass. You can jump on drum pads and touch the back screen to make them bounce you up to where you need to be.

There is no jump button, so you must rely solely on the world's unique features to get you through. The game will be out on October 22nd. This is definitely a game that PS Vita owners should keep an eye out for!


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