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E3 2012: Ubisoft announces new IP Watch Dogs

In all of E3, there has to be one game that stands above them all. That game may just be Ubisoft's newest IP, Watch Dogs. This game is a brand new IP, not based on any existing franchise Ubisoft has. Ubi announced it at the tail end of their conference with a very cryptic trailer.

Aidan Pearce can control the world around him through his smart phone.  Scary thought...
Image courtesy of Ubisoft

Watch Dogs goes beyond the limits of today’s open-world games by giving players the ability to control an entire city,” said Jonathan Morin, creative director for Ubisoft. “In Watch Dogs, anything connected to the city’s Central Operating System becomes a weapon. By pushing the boundaries, we can provide players with action and access to information on a scale that’s never been seen in a video game before.”

Ubisoft officially describes the game as follows:

"In Watch Dogs, players enter the dangerous world of Aiden Pearce, a new class of antihero whose ability to hack into any connected system could be his most powerful weapon. Whether it’s triggering a 30-car pileup by manipulating traffic-lights to trap an enemy during a downtown shootout or tapping into the city’s omnipresent security cameras to access anyone’s personal information, Pearce is capable of coercing and controlling almost every element of the world around him."

Lucky for us, they also have a game play video, seen to the left, fhat shows off more of what that description could look like.

The game play video looks pretty fantastic. Since Ubisoft did not announce any platforms for the game, speculation has already started that this will be for the next generation of platforms. The amount of detail that you can see in the trailer lends a bit of creedence to this rumor, as the game does seem to have some very impressive graphics. It is almost remeniscent of Epic's Samaritan demo that showcased their Unreal Engine 3.

In any case, Ubisoft may have just won E3 with this brand new IP.

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