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E3 2012: Epic shows off Unreal Engine 4 with epic demo video

E3 isn't just about games. It's also about the future of the gaming industry. And what better to show of the future of gaming then by giving us a glimpse at the next generation of graphic technology available.

This evil looking guy is not out of Diablo, but he probably could be if Diablo used Unreal Engine....
Image courtesy of Epic Games

the Unreal Engine is used in a lot of big AAA games, and not just the ones produced by Epic Games (Batman: Arkham City, for example). So when Epic shows off the Unreal Engine 4 it's kind of a big deal.

You might remember a little thing from last year's GDC called "Samaritan" that showed of the power of the Unreal Engine 3. Epic's Cliff Blezinsky told Game Trailers that this new engine will "set the bar for what next-generation gaming should be." Now we just have to wish to the gaming gods that these two demos become games...

No new consoles were shown off at this year's convention but the increasing look at new graphic technology by Square Enix and by Epic this year could be hinting at a reveal next year.

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