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E3 2010: Nintendo 3DS to allow Game Installs

You will be mine.

What is in the running for the E3 2010 award, the Nintendo 3DS just keeps getting better as the details are trickled to us more and more.

This time, the Publication Nikkei supposedly is promising that the Nintendo 3DS is going to allow game installs. What this means is that you BUY a game, and install that PURCHASED game into the systems internal memory.

What baffles me thought is the fact that this system is going to use cartridges still, and I haven't heard if this will be disc based or not. I would understand the need if this were to use UMD type carts, but standard carts are plenty fast as it is.

What are your thoughts? Does this sound like it makes it easier to pirate for the unreleased system? Will you just buy the system blindly and purchase all the shovelware that's bloating the market? I certainly hope you won't do either.


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