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E3 2010 BREAK! Get a set of Wii Remotes for $24.99

It's cooler because it's black, right?

E3 BREAK! Not saying we need one or anything, but I figure we should keep up on the deals right? How about a complete set of Wii Controllers? is having a mad crazy deal right now where you can get both the black Nun-Chuck and Wii Remote for a combined price of $24.99. That is quite possibly the best deal you are ever going to find on a brand new set of controllers, for that's less then half price for both, and if you buy two, it's still less then one set at full retail price.

I have enough Wii Controllers for myself, but if you just got hooked up with a great deal on a system, and want to further that, this is the deal for you. Check it out here!


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