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E-Trade talking baby crawls into retirement: Why throw baby out with bath water?

E-Trade's talking baby is retiring and he hasn't even been potty trained yet!
E-Trade's talking baby is retiring and he hasn't even been potty trained yet!
E-Trade/ You Tube screen shot

E-Trade’s talking baby is retiring even before he is out of diapers, but the folks that brought the talking baby to the screen feel he’s outlived his usefulness. The E-Trade talking baby was created to show folks that trading online was so easy that even a baby could do it. This was back when online trading was fairly new in 2008, according to ABC News on March 21.

This talking baby first made his debut in a Super Bowl ad in 2008 and he’s had a new ad for every Super Bowl after that, except for this year. The creative genius that went into this ad will be a hard act to follow as this talking baby has grabbed folk’s attention for years.

This kid in diapers did more than just let everyone know that online trading was easy, he put E-Trade on the map. For a good many of the average folks out there, E-Trade is probably the only online trading company they can name off the top of their heads.

E-Trade’s notoriety is thanks to the toddler with the gruff voice who’s infatuated with his online trading account. In 2013, E-Trade took on a new CEO, Paul Idzik, whose credentials are in the field of banking. Idzik has “signaled a need for a new direction in marketing,” according to ABC News.

Apparently E-Trade will be going in a different direction, but what that might be is not known at this time. Maybe they should reconsider not fixing something that isn’t broken. People love that kid and many actually anticipate his new commercials coming out.

It might better suit E-Trade to give the kid some exciting new chit chat. Maybe even have him collecting a group of followers who stop over at bath time for some tips on using E-Trade. How about a line going out the door with everyone from the mailman to his pediatrician anxiously waiting for the talking baby to speak again.

How about having the talking baby do a world tour with his elusive parents? He can use E-Trade near all the famous landmarks and talk in all the different languages of the countries that he's visiting?

After all this time, this would be a great way to start a second chapter of E-Trade’s talking baby. Even moving the talking baby up in age and having E-Trade follow him growing up would be better than canning the little guy for good.

Why throw the baby out with the bathwater? The kid is iconic and people love this little guy, so it might just be time to change the setting and storyline a bit, but that baby has made E-Trade a household word.

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