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E*Trade baby is no more: Hilarious infant E*Trade baby bids us goodbye: Watch

The E*Trade talking baby has officially retired, airing his last commercial in a 30-second ad that debuted this week during the opening games of the NCAA March Madness tournament.

According to Reuters on Friday, via MSN News, “digital discount broker E*Trade Financial Corp on Thursday bid farewell to the precocious baby who starred in the television commercials advertising its trading platform for the last seven years.”

In the commercial, a singing cat named "Beanie" interrupts and frustrates our infant investor, causing him to smash his cell phone and announce, “I'm done. I'm out of here.”

The clip then ends by showing the website, which redirects to the E*Trade baby’s Facebook page.

There, a resignation letter of sorts is posted by “the baby,” which reads in part:

Moving forward, I realize it is time to enjoy the success I have come to find with my investing and financial wizardry. Time to pack up the family and visit the seven wonders of the world, do volunteer work with underprivileged pets, kick back, unwind and enjoy my juice box without the paparazzi on my tail.

“The baby was a wonderful iconic expression of what we were,” E*Trade’s new chief marketing officer Liza Landsman told Reuters. “But we want something that better reflects our present and where we are going.”

Fans of the baby are sorry to see him go and posted their lamentations on Facebook:

We can't let this happen! Let's organize a signed petition or something. He is fabulous! Let's save the E*Trade baby! – Sonia Archer

No more E Trade baby?? Seriously?? – Leslie A. Russell

BABY come BACK!! – Kathy Kuisel Rujsz

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